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The Psychadelic Aliens

This Academy release is bound to please fans of blues, funk, and garage. It's less psychadelic but to the Lebanese and Ghanian's that made up the band and the time they emerged, it was this era of music that impacted their sound and success. In Accra, Ghana; they played with visiting bands and solo gigs as often as they could. They shared bills with big players, but early in their it was the Heartbeats who would change their path when they shared their equipment with the band. The Psychadelic Aliens began to purchase their amps and PA from touring bands whose contracts had ended and this is how they acquired their Vox Continental organ which you hear throughout this release. The booklet enlightens you to the depth of this equipment endeavor (fuzz and wah wah pedals) as well as their influences. Tracks 2 & 8 are instrumental, and track 3 is heavily influenced by Jimmy Hendrix vox. Enjoy this one with a bit of nostalgia for the times and you will not be let down.

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