Triumphant tragedies, of a spin doctor, specializing in emotional outbursts, psychedlic psychosis, astral channeling, divine intervention and post traumatic stress induction.

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Architects + Heroes is a label & collective comprised of like minded musicians, producers, and sound artists based in CA. DJ Stephen R[uiz], William Rosario , & H.A. Eugene play many roles in this project. DJ Stephen R is part of the duo Zygote(not to be confused with the UK crust-punk or Czech noise-ambient oufits of the same name) and the Summer of Flux. Ruiz hails from the post bubble pop (internet and music) era of SF electronic music producers. Burbank International & Business 80 is SF's H.A. Eugene of the Electronic/DJ group, the Luxury Tax. Burbank Int'l has recently garnered some attention locally for his full length release, City of Burbank. Another main player is William Rosario aka Asymmetrical Head (IDM, ambient, electronic) and Quiliuq (his techno house project). The pairing of the singer-songwriter elements of Eugene along side Ruiz and Rosario's electronic based production works well, producing a collection languid and lush ambiance. In my opinion, too many artists, when merging genres (electronic, neo/electro folk, ambient, IDM) have fallen short with under produced-over production or macro minimalism; ultimately leaving my ears in want of more. In this case the A+H collective have a cross genre cohesion within the individual projects and the sampler as a whole.

You can check out the A+H V.1 Sampler on bandcamp.

Visit their blog for all the updates on Architects & Heroes

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