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Fat Worm of Error - Broods [ecstatic peace/open mouth]

What else would you expect from the instrumentalists who are Fat Worm of Error? Compost? Compositions, more likely. On 'Broods', FWoE work with additional players including Bhob Rainey (Nmperign) on soprano saxaphone , Jeremy Starpoli on trombone, Victore Signore on tenor sax, and Peter Bonos on Trumpet. Tracks are free and disjointed, like getting your shoulder dislocated by the bully who was doing you a favor, he could have punched your lights out. It will hurt, you may hear shrieks, black out and wake up to the angelic chants & the clanging of what you thought was pots and pans, but alas is simply FWoE and your shoulder is still attached. Bass, guitar, and drums fence in this zoo of roaming horns, samples, and sounds-which includes affected vocals thrown about. Things may be crawling and climbing along when suddenly the ground shifts and shards of glass rain down. Be warned, Fat Worm of Error will entice those who like the minimal with the unbearable.

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