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Naomi Elizabeth - “Naomi” - [Self Release]

Naomi Elizabeth has produced and written some gems for the ever lasting bass booming dance party scene. Seemingly, not intended for dance clubs, I doubt she’d shy away from the success of their plays. However, her strength lies in the conviction found beyond the music. She is not shy about her body and one could categorize the sound as porno-electro. It’s not like Peaches in vulgarity, but there is a bit of Peaches in the mix. You can lay this down with Jahcoozi, Adult, and the in between. She’s on her own tip, stepping outside her girlish cuteness bringing a raw lo-fi sound to the table. The lyrics are sexy cute with the sounds reaching for comfort in the low end noise. With “Naomi” you can dig back into the vault of electro and fill the gaps, while not missing a beat. Mix and mash to your hearts delight!

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