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I can't wait for tomorrow

It has been a record weekend.
FIRST - The Architects + Heroes collided at KFJC this past saturday. If you missed it, you can listen or save the interview and performance on our broadcast archives thru March 19th twamp11

Architects + Heroes live at KFJC
part I
part II
part III

when these drop off the DL, I'll get some links to vid & sound archives in rotation.

SECOND - MANY THANKS to DOMINIC TRIX, NUMBER 6, MAYBELLINE, MOODKILLER, & MORRIS MINOR (and anyone forgotten) WORMROT (Singapore) showed up by word on the street [they had heard KFJC is legendary] and performed live last minute!

there's a transition from Spliff Skankin's Jah's Music to the Performance in the first few miuntes
listen HERE

THIRD - Listen to Groove Therapy EVERY Monday from 2-6 pm(PST) on KFJC 89.7fm

ps. heard Paul of Godstomper showed up during the Wormrot set..!

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