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Mira Calix - One On One -[Warp 2000]

Chantal Passamonte aka Mira Calix, moved to London in the 90's. Both she and her husband have worked with Warp, she as a press officer and he, Sean Booth, as one-half of Autechre. As a DJ she played with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Aphex Twin, and Radiohead. In 2009, she received a British composer Award & the Royal Philharmonic Society Award. This album was released six ways and this is the CD release on Warp in 2000.

The minimalism is driven by noise/field/foley recordings. Tracks include slow building beats with her vocals sparse and drowned in velvet. Each track transforms and makes use of it's essence. Some are built around glitch & beats touching on ambient neo-classical. Others are awash in ethereal, bass heavy, and sample layered vox. Definitely for fans of Aphex Twin, Richard Devine, and the like.

P.s. the release includes two bonus tracks. Track 17 is a Boards of Canada of 'Sandsings' and the original is featured on track 18. The two vary quite a bit; with more glitch and beat in the remix & the original has a field recording ambience of static, bells, and looping vox.

3WR: lady cinder donna

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