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FM - BX Tape Society 001

FM-BX Society Tape 001
S.S. Records

This was originally released in a 200 copy run on tape for radio promotion out of Belgium. This vinyl issuing is limited to 500 unnumbered copies. Isolation Ward and Unit 4 are from Belgium and the Scottish band the Topplers are the three bands featured. Alan Henry of the Topplers runs Toppler Records now, but during the time of this recording played some straight forward garage punk. They might not Topple(r) you over, but if it weren’t one of the band memebers, Alan Henry, we may not have seen this release. Both Isolation Ward and Unit 4 feature females and similar sounds. Isolation Ward releases cold wave post punk and continued to record and release after this comp. As the notes read, the Topplers thought that they were the cutting edge band on this comp, but as you listen it is obvious that Unit 4 is the stand outs. Four females who have seemed to disappear made post punk no wave sounds that were far ahead of it’s time, at least in Belgium. This begs the question that is printed on the note from Alan Henry, WHERE ARE YOU UNIT FOUR???

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