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KFJC 50th Anniversary Art & Logo Contest

If you are a listener you are personally invited to participate in KFJC's 50th Anniversary Art Contest!

In honor of KFJC's 50th year on the air (we started broadcasting out of a closet in Mountain View, California in 1959), we're hosting an art competition!!!
Here's the deal. If you have concepts for a unique piece of KFJC artwork, a new KFJC logo or a 50th Anniversary-themed KFJC T-shirt, please send them in. Winners will receive cash honorariums and will be featured in a special exhibition September 4, 2009 at Kalied Gallery in San Jose, CA. KFJC Staff and management have invited Sunny Buick, the 2002 Girlie Shirt artist, to participate as a guest judge (

Artwork should fall into one of the three following categories:

•KFJC Logo
•Artist T-Shirt Design
•Mixed media / Freeform

There is no limit to the number of submissions! The closing date for the contest is July 10, 2009 @ 11:59pm.

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